Saturday, November 17, 2012

North Pole Surprise - Snowman I Spy Shaker

This holiday season I wanted to create something special for a certain special three year old little boy in my life.  Every week before Christmas I plan on mailing him a "special surprise" present from the North Pole.  I thought and thought about the types of items to send him and I think I have come up with a few cute and cheap homemade gifts that he will enjoy.  

This is the first in my four part series "North Pole Surprise".


You have probably seen the Find It Shakers in your local stores and this homemade version follows the same idea...only with a Winter Wonderland theme.  

What you will need:

A plastic peanut jar
Black and white paint
Paintbrush or paint sponge (not pictured)
Dixie Cup
White yarn
White sand
Small funnel 
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Assorted miniature Christmas themed trinkets (pictured below)
Wide Green or Red ribbon (not pictured) 
Green or Red curling ribbon (not pictured)
Orange paint or orange construction paper (not pictured)
Computer copy paper (not pictured)

Step 1:
Clean out the peanut jar and remove label and all glue.

Step 2:  
Remove the lid and set aside.  Paint the top of the jar with white paint.  Let dry.

Step 3:
Take a dixie cup and cut it in half.  Paint the peanut jar lid black as well as the dixie cup.  Let dry.  Once dry hot glue the dixie cup to the top of the lid.  Then hot glue some wide ribbon around the base like below:

Step 4:
Organize your miniature Christmas themed trinkets and have them close where you can add them as you are adding the sand and glitter.  I bought the trinkets at a hobby store but you can also find a lot of items in your Christmas decorations that you pull out each holiday season.   For example, a poinsettia flower, bell, or acorn off a Christmas wreath. For the hat I got a Monopoly game piece and painted it black.  Take a picture of the items for later and edit it on your computer so you can print it out later.

Step 5:
Using a small funnel, start pouring the sand about 1/4 the way up.  Then shake some glitter into it to give the sand a more snow effect.  (You can also use sugar if you do not want to use white sand).  Take a couple of your trinkets and drop them in the jar.  Take your sand again and pour another 1/4 way up.  Repeat all steps until you get to section you painted.  Do not fill it up to the top of the jar because you need room for the sand to move in order to find the hidden treasures.

Step 6:
Put the snowman hat (jar lid) back onto the snowman head (the jar).  Take your black paint and paint two black coal eyes, a black coal mouth onto the snowman face and three buttons down the front of the jar.  Also paint snowman arms on the sides of the jar.  Then take your orange paint (or construction paper) and make the snowman nose.  Let dry.

Step 7: (optional)
Meanwhile take white yarn and start crocheting the snowman scarf.  If you do not want to do this step you can use any type of ribbon to make the scarf.  

Step 8:
Put the scarf on around the jar below the snowman head and tie together where the scarf meets.  

Step 9:
Upload the picture you took of the trinkets and print it on your computer.  (I inserted the picture into Word and adjusted the size down and printed it out on the printer copy paper.  I then cut it out, cut a hole in the upper right side.  Thread your curling ribbon through the hole and through the left side of the scarf.  This picture can serve as a "find it list".  

I SUCCEED... creating a one of a kind, inexpensive item to gift to what is sure to be a very excited three year old! 

Christmas Treasures!