Monday, April 2, 2012

Web Find - Laundry Room Efficiency

Source of inspiration-
I found this on Pinterest (of course)"...and I love it!
(minus the building the cabinet myself part)

What I need to do this....

Shelving Unit
$35.00 X 2 = $70.00

Laundry Basket
$3.00 X 6 = $18.00

Large Rattan Basket
$15.00 X 2 = $30.00

Slatthu Decorative Wall Sticker

Other items I already had on hand: wicker hamper & sticker labels.

Assemble the shelving (very simple, took me about 10 minutes).  Label the shelves
and the baskets.

I SUCCEED... creating a laundry organization station without having to build with wood.  In addition, found a place to use wall stickers I bought from IKEA.  

Note:  I use the top of the shelves as a folding table!

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