Friday, March 30, 2012

Home Project - Breakfast Bar

I always wanted to have a separate place to keep my coffee maker, toaster oven, and breakfast items.  Before the project it was like this:  coffee maker on kitchen counter by sink, toaster oven on kitchen counter by stove (at other end of kitchen), all other items in the kitchen pantry.

I want a separate place for my coffee maker, toaster oven, waffle maker and breakfast essentials.

What I needed for this project:

BESTÅ Shelf Unit - IKEA




BESTÅ Cabinet Legs - IKEA


Knipsa Seagrass Basket - IKEA

Baskets (2) - Wal Mart


Rubbermaid Dry Food Containers



Other items I already had on hand: large orange platter to sit the coffee maker on, a small gold basket to put pastry items in, lidded jar to keep the sugar in, decorative plate holder and decorative plates to hand on the wall behind the cabinet.

Assemble the cabinet.  Move the coffee maker, toaster oven, griddle/waffle maker, and all other items to the cabinet.  Decorate until I have it just like I want it.  


I SUCCEED... getting my perfect breakfast bar area that I can now use every morning.  

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  

Something that important should have its own home!

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